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MAINTAIN Industries (PTY) Ltd, the first to identify an alternative monthly payment structure which will provide customers with a two or five year comprehensive geyser maintenance plan. This maintain plan will assist insurance companies to minimize the major risk and capital expenditure they have with regards to water damages caused by poorly maintained geysers.

Anode: It is highly recommended that the Anode in your geyser is replaced at least every two years. The Anode assists with the protection of your geyser and thus changing it every two years will extend the life expectancy of your geyser, especially in areas with high chlorides in the water.

Drip Tray:

  • Ensure that a Drip Tray is installed with your geyser, and that the Drip Tray is the correct size for your specific geyser, i.e., 100L geyser = 100L Drip Tray, 150L geyser = 150L Drip Tray etc.
  • Ensure that the outlet of the Drip Tray is not blocked in any way, i.e., no leaves, papers, soil, excessive dust or spider webs etc.
  • Ensure that the Drainage Pipe from the Drip Tray is correctly fitted and that it extends far enough to the outside of the house, so as not to cause damage to the roof or walls (rust marks on the walls etc).
  • Ensure that the Drip Tray and Drainage Pipe have no leaks that might cause damage to the ceiling.

Overflow Pipe:

  • Ensure that an Overflow Pipe is connected to the geyser and that the Overflow Pipe extends far enough to the outside of your house to prevent damage to the roof  and walls (rust marks on the walls …etc).
  • Ensure that the Overflow Pipe has no leaks that might cause damage to the ceiling.

Valves and fittings:

  • Ensure that all Valves and Fittings are correctly attached to the geyser, i.e., PRV, Safety Valve, Drain Cock, Vacuum Breaker, etc.
  • Ensure that the Valves and Fittings attached to the geyser comply with the working pressure of the geyser, e.g., 400Kpa.
  • Ensure that none of the Valves and Fittings are blocked and are in proper working order, as this will ensure that your geyser operates at the optimal performance it has been designed for.


Ensure that the geyser Thermostat is set at approximately 550 C as this is the optimal working temperature that the geyser has been designed for and will also extend the life expectancy of your geyser.

Ad-Hoc Services

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Repair works caused by:
    1. Water Damages
    2. Electrical Damages
    3. Fire Damages

MAINTAIN Geyser Packages:

  • Geyser Budget Plan
  • Geyser and All – Savings Plan


  • Experienced team with trained and certified technical field teams and Support.

  • Knowledgeable and supportive MOCC (Maintain Operations and Call Centre).

  • Management team has extensive experience of the applicable industries and continuously strive to improve the range of services we provide to our customers.

  • Provide Full Turnkey Solutions.

  • Client Services Support Orientated.

  • Cost Effective Solutions.

  • Adaptable, Flexible and synergy driven business approach.

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Up to 40% savings on water related claims caused by geyser failure