Are Solar Parking Lot Lights a Good Investment?

Are Solar Parking Lot Lights a Good Investment?

Are solar parking lot lights all they are cracked up to be? If you’ve ever been on the street or in a solar parking lot at dusk, you’ll have seen each light come on just as the sensors on top detect that light levels are low. Or, they may have been timed. Either way, solar powered parking lot lights are independent of the grid and each other. They have many benefits, but are they worth it?
As solar energy becomes increasingly popular, businesses are evaluating whether it’s cost-effective for them to convert to solar energy sources. Many global corporations are taking the plunge into solar energy (just look at this list from 2015), but smaller businesses don’t have the means to make such dramatic changes.
You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars right away on solar roofing panels or other cutting-edge technology for your business. Solar parking lot lights aren’t a major investment in green energy practices, but they are a smart parking lot investment. They have been around for many years now, and they aren’t the daring investment they once were. Instead, they’re reliable, convenient and green.

How Do Solar Parking Lot Lights Work?

Solar Powered Parking Lot LightsWhen you’re deciding if solar lights are right for your property, the first key is to understand how these lights work. They’ve come a long way in the last few years.
Most solar parking lot lights are independent and have their own solar sensors, batteries, and lights. They don’t need to be connected to the power grid or each other. That means no trenching and much less installation hassle.
Once installed, each light should be adjusted, so that it’s at the best angle to capture rays from the sun. Then the light will go to work on its own, capturing sunlight and converting it into battery power. Ideally, your solar light will have a battery with a few days of backup power, so cloudy days won’t cause interruptions.
That’s how simple solar powered parking lot lights are! But that doesn’t answer the key question: are they a good investment for you? Let’s explore the advantages of solar parking lot lights.

Less Environmental Impact

Solar parking lot lights are a good investment if you’re looking to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. A solar parking lot will use considerably less energy than one that relies on the power grid. In fact, your parking lot may use no energy at all. That’s good for the environment and for your pocket.

Lower Your Costs

Solar power parking lot lights will lower your costs in other ways. After your initial investment in the lights themselves, you’ll have lower energy bills and lower maintenance costs.

Solar powered lights cost less to install. You won’t have to pay to dig trenches to run electrical wiring beneath the pavement, and can instead put money toward other purchases for your property. In some cases, state-wide or city-wide financing is available to help companies convert more power to solar or renewable energy sources.
As for maintenance, solar parking lot lights aren’t connected to the power grid. So, you won’t have to dig down to fix a broken connection.

Solar Power Lights are Versatile

Solar parking lot lights can be installed almost anywhere. There’s no need to consider where your gas lines are buried and no need to disturb your landscaping to install these lights. Or, you can keep them as portable lights. This is especially useful for businesses with traveling storefronts, like food trucks and festivals.

Consider Parking Lot Safety

Clean Safe Parking LotUnlit parking lots are notorious for crime, drugs, loitering, and vandalism. A well-lit parking lot deters bad behavior and makes employees and customers feel safe. Solar parking lots offer a bit more safety than lights tied to the grid. They will keep working during power outages, just when criminals are most tempted to disturb your property.

They also usually come with light sensors, so they turn on the moment the light levels are low. That means you can’t forget to turn them on or forget to adjust the timer for daylight savings time. A solar parking lot is always lit.

Choosing Solar Power Parking Lot Lights

If you’ve decided to make a parking lot investment and install some solar lights, you may be overwhelmed with the choice available on the market. Which light is best? There are a few things to consider:

Order size: Smaller businesses will want to choose lights from a manufacturer that doesn’t require a minimum order. If you need to order one more light to cover a small parking lot expansion, you don’t want to have to order five.
Temperature: Those businesses in cold areas will want a solar light that is rated to perform well in the cold, or that has good insulation around the battery.
Warranty: Solar power parking lot lights are simple to replace, if necessary, but you can save even more money if the light is still under a comprehensive warranty.
Lumens: Though Watts is a familiar measurement, it isn’t the most important one. Instead, you’ll want to investigate your solar parking lot light’s lumens. Lumens is a measurement of light output. A household light-bulb will provide a few hundred lumens. A solar-powered parking lot light should provide a few thousand lumens, as the light has to travel to the ground. Keep in mind that LED lights don’t give off as much light as incandescent lights, though they are more energy-efficient.
Positioning: As solar lights need to collect the sun’s rays, the angle of their head is important. Plus, because they give off less light than traditional parking lot lights, the distance between them in the parking lot is crucial too. Parking lot professionals can help you plan your light’s location and ensure they are angled for maximum light.

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