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The seven common mistakes costing landlords money

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When property becomes a business there is the temptation to cut corners to save on costs, according to Abigail Koch, of “Property is unlike other business models, because what is regarded as a business by the investor is also a home for the tenant,’’ she said. These are the 7 big cost cutting

Tips for first-time property investors: Part 1

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Ensure your purpose is clear Before diving into any decisions, first ask yourself what type of investment you’re looking for and clearly establish your motivations. Are you looking for a residential or a commercial property? Are you going to live in the property and resell at a later date? Do you plan on living

Illegal estate wall collapses onto neighbouring property

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Illegal estate wall collapses onto neighbouring property After his neighbour's wall collapsed onto his home a week ago, Ravindra Bikramchund said Kindlewood Estate management in Mount Edgecombe had ignored his complaints about the wall going up more than six months ago. Ravindra Bikramchund of Kindlewood Estate, Mount Edgecombe, in his yard where a neighbour's wall

What’s The Difference Between Reactive and Preventive Maintenance?

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Facility Manager Cost Saving/Best Practice Quick Reads RSS Feed Greg Zimmerman December 4, 2017 - Maintenance & Operations It’s almost always better to prevent, than to react – whether we’re talking about playing defense in basketball or maintenance in buildings.But when comes to maintenance, how many FMs truly know the what it takes to perform